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Do you dream of walking among the untouched wild? The sound of rustling leaves, thick with the secrets of ancient jungles, and the echoes of exotic creatures?

On the border of Wilpattu National Park in the heart of Sri Lanka, the exquisite wildlife camp is unveiled - Aranya Trails. Our luxurious camping experience invites you to explore in comfort. With king-sized beds, air-conditioned camps, hot water facilities, sumptuous bedding, dual showers, a cozy sitting area, and a private plunge pool, Aranya Trails provides a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and discerning travellers seeking an unparalleled connection with nature.

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"Aranya Trails - Where Wilderness Whispers Luxury, Service Speaks Volumes, and Every Moment Feels Like a Serene Escape."



​Embark on an adventure, trekking through Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest national park, Wilpattu National Park. Around Wilpattu’s wondrous parks unfold the trails that have been visited by the majestic Sri Lankan leopards, sloth bears, sambur deer, and more. Among its exotic visitors, the park’s picturesque lakes invite water birds and large predatory birds, including the white-bellied sea eagle, brown fish owls, and more.

Owned and operated by a passionate group of wildlife enthusiasts and seasoned wildlife photographers, with a profound commitment to the conservation of Sri Lankan wildlife, our team brings a wealth of experience from their travels across the globe, including India, Kenya, and South Africa.

Welcome to Aranya Trails – where luxury meets the wild with open arms.

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