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Nestled gracefully in the heart of Sri Lanka, Wilpattu National Park is an extraordinary testament to the country's rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Established in 1938, it proudly holds the distinction of being Sri Lanka's oldest and largest national park, extending its sprawling beauty across the districts of Puttalam and Anuradhapura. Revered as the "Land of Lakes," Wilpattu unfolds as a mesmerizing mosaic of diverse ecosystems, ranging from lush evergreen forests to resilient thorn scrubs, creating an enchanting haven for an array of plant and animal species.


At the heart of Wilpattu's charm lies its defining feature – a network of 'Willus,' shallow depressions that gracefully cradle rainwater, sculpting unique and precious habitats. Recognized as a wetland of international significance by the Ramsar Convention, Wilpattu proudly shelters globally threatened large mammals, including the elusive leopard, the gentle sloth bear, and the majestic elephant. Beyond its ecological importance, Wilpattu serves as a living canvas preserving traces of Sri Lanka's illustrious history, dating back to 543 BC, thus adding a profound cultural resonance to its natural allure.


Wilpattu National Park extends a warm invitation to visitors, urging them to immerse themselves in its enchanting beauty. The park weaves together the delicate balance between human history and the wonders of the natural world. As you traverse its landscapes, you'll find not just a sanctuary for wildlife but a journey through time, fostering a deep appreciation for the interconnected tapestry of our shared heritage and the exquisite wonders of the environment. Discover the magic of Wilpattu – where every rustle of leaves tells a story, and every footprint echoes the tales of the wild.

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