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“Where Luxury Meets the Wild, Inviting You to Explore Sri Lanka's Untouched Beauty with  Conservation and Comfort as its Essence”


A Symphony of Luxury and Wilderness Exploration

Discover unparalleled luxury and immersive natural experiences at Aranya Trails, located on the border of Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka. Our wildlife camp offers air-conditioned comfort with king-sized beds, sumptuous bedding, dual showers, and a private plunge pool. Embark on thrilling game drives to encounter Sri Lankan leopards and sloth bears, or explore ancient jungles on nature walks. With a team of seasoned wildlife photographers, photography becomes an art, capturing moments inspired by global travels. Bird watchers will be enthralled by picturesque lakes hosting white-bellied sea eagles and brown fish owls. At Aranya Trails, every service, from game drives to nature walks and photography, is a curated luxury, ensuring unforgettable moments in nature's embrace.

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Serene Retreats

Indulge in opulence at Aranya Trails, where our luxury rooms redefine comfort with king-sized beds, air-conditioned bliss, and sumptuous bedding. Unwind in private plunge pools, a sanctuary within nature's embrace. Elevate your stay with our Local Culinary Experience, a gastronomic journey featuring authentic Sri Lankan flavors served in the cozy comfort of your room. At Aranya Trails, each element, from the luxurious rooms to the private pools and local culinary delights, is meticulously designed to enhance your escape into the wild.

"Aranya Trails is a hidden gem where luxury seamlessly intertwines with the untamed beauty of Wilpattu National Park. The comfortable rooms with king-sized beds and private pools provided a welcome retreat after exciting game drives. The Local Culinary Experience was a highlight—delicious Sri Lankan flavors served in the tranquility of our room. The attentive staff and the enchanting wildlife encounters made this a truly unforgettable escape."

- Olivia Bennett-


Connect us for Tailored Wilderness Experience

Ready to embark on a luxurious wildlife escape? Contact us now for personalized bookings and let us curate an unforgettable adventure just for you.

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